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Cogit Starcust

Cogit Starcust is capable of collecting, centralizing and globalizing orders and verify execution data.

The following functions are covered :
  • Determination of securities accounts,
  • Calculation of valuation and investment dates,
  • Management of orders in all currencies and for a large range of instruments types,
  • Management of grouped orders and their allocations,
  • Connectivity with the centralizers (SWIFT or FAX),
  • Management of the tarification et customer / broker fees (by type of customer, broker, instrument and market),
  • Total, multiple and partial executions,
  • Production of transaction notices for customers and custodians,
  • Follow-up of the whole life-cycle of orders by status and timestamp, a full audit trail and generation of accounting events,
  • Personalized reporting for all operational needs,
  • Matching of assets and liabilities back to back.
Cogit Starcust manages the automatic routing of orders thanks to it's STP application layer.
(Straight Through Processing – Automation of processes without interruption for operations requiring manual intervention uniquely for exceptions management)

Cogit Starcust has benefitted from a research and development tax credit in relation to it's calculation parallesation algorithms and for the notation of transaction notices via a system of parametered criterion.

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