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Cogit Starcust for insurance companies

Cogit Starcust takes care of the integration of orders related to life insurance contracts and globalizes them as orders according to parametered rules.

If the order is not passed on a customer's account, Cogit Starcust can determine the unit holder in relation to criteria such as the vehicle or financial instrument, thus optimising the globalisation of orders.

If the globalised order has to be transmitted to the market, the software automatically calculates the investment dates from the order date of the customer and sends the order according to the associated centralizer's conditions. The transmission can be done through different channels (SWIFT, proprietary formatted files, automatic Fax...)

Thanks to the connectivity of the custodians, Cogit Starcust automatically integrates the transaction notices and reconciles these with the sent orders according to parametered criteria.

The matching of assets and liabilities back to back is to bring the inventories of assets and liabilities in order to highlight potential gaps. Analysis of flow order will identify gaps which are justified (as gaps on the investment date) from gaps which are not justified.