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Cogit Trade Fees for distributors

Cogit Trade Fees allows distributors to calculate retrocessions owed by asset management companies and distribution platforms.

Thanks to the integration of orders and the automatic calculation of positions, the package can calculate the management fees and outstanding retrocessions using the parametered distribution convention.

It is therefore possible to produce accounting, provisions and even simulations for the conventions for a given period.

The background processes (integration, position calculation, provisions, invoices, etc...) allow the user to limit waiting time and therefore increase his productivity.

The generated calculation results propose a level of detail which is parametered, reporting adapted to the requirements and electronic document flows.

Cogit Trade Fees proposes also the breakdown of retrocessions after their calculation to allow their allocation to the different participants., for example sub-distributors.

For the distributor, it is a follow-up and verification tool for all the retrocessions to be perceived from the different asset management companies, providers of their mutual funds.